Joshua Ray Jongema (le_veritas) wrote in freedomofbeing,
Joshua Ray Jongema

Hello and Goodbye!

Finally, a community that already assumes I'm a narcissist!...That was a joke!....Ok, tough crowd. Well. I have already completed my background identity in the form of my entire blog. Anything other than what is written there is in a friends only category, which of them there is only one post- the most recent.
If anyone wants to read my site, I ask that they read from the first article to the top. That way you will be basing your judgment on the progression of ideas, and not of the wild nature of certain conclusions I tried to draw later on. If you have to read from the top, it's your choice. However, note that your choice is made on the fact that you are rushing into things. People who rush reading usually don't get it. It's to the wise old owls I call attention, because only they would have the time and whim to muse upon the fruition of my ideas.
Thank you all in advance, and good day,
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