Erin (cherubrock33) wrote in freedomofbeing,

The concept.

Our concept of freedom is what drives us forwards,
that urge to expand boundries, limited options means death.
 We are a creative species, imaginative, and perhaps that's why
we are so successful, we try to control our enviroment, as opposed to always being at it's mercy,
and I think that is a very large evolutionary step.

It may just be a bunch of equations that make up reality,
that is the oppression,
and it's only a oppression because we are alive and
want to feel more alive.
Think about it from the perspective of a rock.

It's rains for a week straight,
there's a flood,
it's washed away to a distant place,
where it sits for a couple centuries.

 Rocks don't get sick or scared,
they don't feel lost or bored.
 A rock is an extreme example of getting swept away by the circumstances.

And though sometimes each of us is swept away in the circumstances,
we strive to eliminate it, and even appreciate it,
because we were born from circumstance.

We don't want to be children forever,
or we won't survive.

At the same time we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves and open too many new doors,
because we may endanger ourselves.

 Growing up is a long difficult process.

Perhaps one day humans will become godly,
wouldn't it be dissapointing if we failed to survive with our combined efforts?
But sometimes that's the way life goes.
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