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Freedom of Being

The First Freedom

Conscious Self-Creation
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This community is about conscious self-creation, the freedom to choose one's own identity. Anything pertaining to this topic can be explored here on metaphysical, philosophical, spiritual, artistic, personal, scientific, technological, social, and political levels. What does it mean to have an identity? To construct one's own identity? How does individual identity relate to group identity? What changes can we make in ourselves, and how do these foster changes in society?

From the pro- Self Creation point of view, Freedom of Being is the first and most essential of all freedoms, as well as the ultimate freedom. By changing ourselves, we change the world, one person at a time. The only ideology promoted here is the right of each individual to make that choice for her- or himself.

This community is managed by effrenata.

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1. Be respectful of others. No flaming, name-calling, swearing at people, slurs, or personal insults.

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3. No gratuitous porn. Sexually-related topics are permissible, but anything not worksafe should be put in a LJ-cut.